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A project by the Archivio Conz, Reif Life, Marcelo Alcaide and Filip Berg in collaboration with Novembre Global.The Paradox includes all other words existent. 
For the occasion of PARADOX 7/11 Filip Berg, Archivio Conz and REIF.LIFE has re-produced George Brecht’s Paradox T-Shirts originally manufactured by Francesco Conz in collaboration with the artist as part of his unique editions project the Edizioni Conz in 1989. The copies will be distributed and set in sceneries throughout Venice during the opening days of the Venice Biennale between the 7th and 11th of May 2019.

The American Avant-Garde Artist George Brecht ( *New York 1926 - Cologne 2008 ), a representative of the Fluxus movement, musician and scientist was one of the originators of 'participatory' art, in which the artwork can only be experienced by the active involvement of the viewer. He is most famous for his Event Scores, which are simple instructions to complete everyday tasks which can be performed publicly, privately, or negatively (i.e., deciding not to perform them at all). He described his own art as a way of “ensuring that the details of everyday life, the random constellations of objects that surround us, stop going unnoticed.

The Archivio Conz is a collection of over 3000 items of artworks, documents, editions and personal belongings collected and catalysed by Francesco Conz (Cittadella, 1935 – Verona, 2010) over the course of more than thirty years, starting in the early 70s. More than a collector, Conz developed close relationships with artists of the main avant-garde movements of his time, in his house in Asolo and later at the ‘Secret Museum’ outside Verona. The Edizioni Conz comprise his unique publishing project, which he started in 1972 producing numerous editions, multiples, books and portfolios with the help and assistance of the most refined craftsmen of the Veneto region. Brecht and Conz were close friends and collaborators over three decades and produced multiple editions together.