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REIF is maintaining an ongoing food drive to aid the vulnerable population in downtown São Paulo, Brazil.  As widely reported, the country has been hit especially hard by the massive mishandling of the COVID-19 health crisis by federal authorities.  Partners: POR NOSSA CONTA, ISLA (COZINHA DE COMBATE)  CASA BRANCA DE LUZ &  PROJETO NOS EXISTIMOS.
CASA BRANCA DE LUZ is a quantic energy /spiritual center located in the heart of downtown Sao Paulo– providing social assistance, legal and spiritual counsel to needful persons in the area.

Concomitantly, REIF is also engaged in continuously supporting the LGBTQ+ shelter CASA 1 which alongside providing social assistance and counsel to queer persons in need, has also been active in aiding the needful communities in downtown São Paulo, Brazil.

REIF is also releasing a guide by chef Leonor Manita containing low budget recipes and instructional techniques on how to sanitise and prepare apportioned provisions without heat or a basic kitchen, alongside quick recipes for efficient immune boosting formulas. Along with the recipes quantic energetic exercises will be shared in the booklet as well by Raquel from Casa Branca.

Local Media Partner - FORT MAGAZINE