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How does a space transform when it loses the social and economic function it had been imagined and engineered for? Particularly, what are the processes that a heavily anthropocized space undergoes when it is expropriated of the reasons grounding its artificial existence? And even more in detail, what is the sound of this perversion? A mental exercise that comes easily these days, unfortunately: imagine a city, a production plant, a farm; abruptly, they cease to serve the human interest, no longer enhancing social exchanges or fostering economic growth. The very same rationale under which they held meaning in our society, i.e. being hubs of transactional relations, has revolted into a threat onto itself. Streets and squares are empty, warehouses are filled with dead stock, vegetables are rotting in the fields. These places have become the negatives of themselves. Their old function or meaning, comfortable in its absoluteness, can no longer justify their existence, leaving ground for a pluralism of perspectives to emerge. This piece is an abstract composition of field recordings captured in spaces that have revolted against the function that they were originally assigned. April 2020, Leuca - Salento (IT)