REIF is a multifaceted cultural movement taking the shape of records and community activities. The primary interest of the collective is to curate events and craft multicultural happenings which include different expressions of thought, identity, play, and experience.
REIF,  within its pathway throughout the last years and its distinct forms, became a common ground for different collaborations. REIF summons a need for common creation and experimentation, bridging unexpected connections - assuming ourselves as a cultural agent, aiming to foster and explore new forms and methods of creation, artistic care, curation, and methodologies of practice.

“The key is not the brand or level of tech involved, but the openness and horizontality of the structure”Hakim Bey

With the music label, REIF continues to engage in its exploration of sound - permitting artists to not only meet and release but to think about how their practice renders ontological poetry.

REIF understands sound as the chosen instrument for political catharsis that our artists explore.Sound in itself encompasses a broad reflection of the times– whatever is happening or changing in the world, we “hear” it.

As sound curators, it is our task to crystalize these cathartic sounds and give them new forms, preventing them from being lost or forgotten; buried or silenced.
02 is the closing chapter of our ’Sonic Catharsis’ program that was initiated in December 2021 with the release of 01 and the residency program at the Centre D’Art Contemporain Geneve.

Sonic Catharsis presents original artistic collaborations that aim to collectively illustrate how sound can be a means of resistance. Art becomes a vehicle to craft new realities, while movement and sound morph with contemporary club culture.

For this culmination release, 02 - listeners are invited for a n active voyage through all different sonic backgrounds. From the essential deep power of the human voice by the hand of Carminho,  to experimental punk by the hand of Fuck U Pay Us or to complex AI-generated compositions by LABOUR in between.

The sonic spectrum explored in this release is  aims to create a reflection on the meaning of a new collective sound.  In all works, the sound is the chosen instrument for political catharsis and social change.

1. CRYSTALLMESS - Dreaming at my Doorstep
2. No Bra -  The Cult of Hierarchy
3. BABYNYMPH - Trauma Pop Pt. II ft. Diana Starshine
4. João Pimenta Gomes - Doppelgänger
5. La Chatte - Idole
6. Kübra Uzun, Çiçek Çocuk - 02127777272
7. Fuck U Pay Us - Board Up
8. Casual Melancholia - Spring
9. Bruno Mendonça ft. Gerzender - Don’t Cry for Me Brasilia
10. Jtamul - Hold
11. Eleonora Meoni, Ninon Liotet, Oliver Simon, Steev Lemercier - HOCA
12. Grillo - Voz
13. Sing Libra - Fern Flower
14. Richie Culver - Create a Lifestyle around your problems
15. LABOUR - Kewin’s dance (44 Remix)
16. Emma DJ - Ill Rooster
17. Caroline Lethô, SYM - Solução Acid
18. Yesh ft. Maria - Holy Ghost
19. Exotourisme - Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Julien Perez - Sinking Backstage
20. Photonz, Shcuro - Free Block
21. Paid to Practice - Eric D. Clark, Eleni Polou - Human Beings being Human
22. Ron Trent /BTS - Another Love Song
23. Carminho - Meu Amor Marinheiro
24. Isabel Lewis - Deep Feelings
25. Parzubanil - 909 Love Story
26. CEM - Against the looking glass ft. Kewin Bo

                                  ︎︎ LISTEN PREVIEW                                                                                                                                

Ron Trent - Time

A Perennial Presence In Music Since The Early 90'S, Ron Trent Is Considered To Be One Of The Architects Of The Chicago Music Scene. He Began The Journey Through Studying And Collecting Records From A Young Age, Taking Cues From His Father Who Ran A Record Pool In The Late 70'S. This Upbringing Provided The Strong Foundations Which Not Only Enabled Him To Become A Respected Dj In His Early Teens, But Also Gave Him The Confidence To Embark On His Own Productions In The Mid 80'S, Culminating In His First Release, The Highly Recognized And International Acclaimed Classic "Altered States", In 1990.
Through His Legendary Prescription Records, Ron Has Notched Up An Extensive Back Catalogue Of His Own Productions And Introduced Several Key Players. Prescription Is Widely Regarded As One Of The Most Influential Deep House Imprints Of The Period. In The Early 90'S, Ron Collaborated With House/R&B Team Hula & Fingers, Producers For Jive Records And Production Credits With Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Kool Mo D, High Five, Lidell Townsend And Mtf. Under The Direction Of Hula & Fingers, Ron Began To Develop His Skills As Producer And Musician By Incorporating His Training As A Percussionist Along With Developing Skills On The Keyboards. After Several Releases On Club Records, Hula & Fingers Classic Imprint, Ron Went Own To Form His Own Label With Renowned Vocalist/Producer Chez Damier. In 1993, Ron And Chez Began Creating The Template For What Would Become The Signature Prescription Sound, Eventually Finding It's Way Into Various Remix And Writing Production Hits, And Implementing The Conception Of Prescription Records. Prescription Records, Together With It's Sister Label Balance, Introduced The Likes Of Anthony Nicholson, Abacus, Glenn Underground (Cvo), Moody Man, Norma Jean Bell, Joshua, Peven Everett, Rob Mello, And Luke Solomon To The World. During Its Course, Prescription Became Known For Issuing Superbly Produced, Often Epic Dance Music By Drawing Influences From All Over The Globe And Delighting Club Goers, As Well As Djs With Its Highly Unique Sound.
Ron's Sound Expanded In 1997 With The Release Of The Dance Classic "Ncame U.” With Writing Partner Anthony Nicholson, Famed Vocalist D'bora, And Peven Everett On Trumpet, This Record Launched Ron Onto The Nyc Dance Scene. After Moving To Nyc In The Early 90'S, Ron Trent Quickly Gained Respect As A Dj/Producer By Playing For Body And Soul At Shelter And Hosting His Own Events At The Legendary Night Club Vinyl In Downtown Manhattan. Ron’s Dj And Production Skills Would Eventually Lead To Collaborating With Giant Step Records, Creating A New Sound That Would Lead The Way For The Future Of Giant Step The Club And Giant Step The Label. In 2000, Ron Started His Highly Popular Weekly Residency With Giant Step At Shine, Bringing Forth A Fusion Of Neo Soul, Jazz Funk And World Music Whilst Merging It Into A Dance Formula. With Ron's Vast Knowledge Of Music And Giant Step’s Thirst For The Cutting Edge, The Event Became One Of The Most Top Rated Nights In Nyc. Ron's In-House Productions On The Giant Step/Sony Label, Featured Artists Such As Amel Larrieux, Jody Watley, Anastacia, Donnie, Carl Hancock Rux, Lina, Just To Name A Few. His Productions Have Lead To Work With Other Greats Including Tony Allen, Chucho Valdes, Papa Weba, 4Hero, Amp Fiddler, Groove Collective, As Well As Various Other World Artists. Dj Compilations Include: “Giant Step Sessions” (Giant Step), "Musical Reflections (R2 Bbe), “Afro Blues” (Kings Street), “Deep&Sexy 2” (Wave Music), “Abstract Afro Journey” (King Street).
In Addition To Prescription, Ron Trent Created Two Further Imprints Which Broadened The Scope Of His Music Production Spectrum. Electric Blue Recordings Features More Experimental Sound, Pushing The Envelope And Complementing The Already Established Prescription Sound. Future Vision Records Was Created As A Platform To Combine Various Artists With The Signature Ron Trent Production. Ron Has Also Built Up A Quite A Reputation Within The Music Industry Circles With His Unique Interpretations And Reformulations Of Commercially Popular Tracks On His Remixes, Such As 'Honey' By Erykah Badu And 'Spring Summer Feeling' By Jill Scott.
Outside Of Running Record Labels, Prescription, Future Vision, Electric Blue Recordings And Music And Power, The Last Few Years Has Seen Ron Trent Making His Presence Known Internationally: From Regularly Gracing The Decks At Berghain In Berlin And Making Appearances At Ade In Amsterdam, To Playing For Serious Audiophile And Music Connoisseurs In Both London (Need2Soul, Boiler Room, Brilliant Corners) And Japan (Air, Circus)....Just To Name A Few. Now Based Back In Chicago, Ron Trent's Musical Quest For Knowledge And Tones Continues. Having Been Featured On Red Bull Music Academy Numerous Times And Co-Curating The Multimedia Exhibit 'Move Your Body - The Evolution Of House Music' At The Chicago Cultural Centre In Summer 2015, 'Soda' Is An Organisation Ron Trent Founded In 2016 With The Aim Of Perpetuating And Preserving The Legacy Of Underground Music Through Cultural And Educational Events For Future Generations Ahead

CRYSTALMESS - Dreaming at my Doorstep 
Floating about the requisite for necessary evil.

CRYSTALLMESS also known as Christelle Oyiri is a Paris-based multidisciplinary artist. She was born during the 92’ LA Riots and the latest Saturn return in Aquarius. In other words, she creates to fight her own self-erasure and challenge her core beliefs. Her practice as a musician and DJ serve both as an entry point and essential key to her research and wider practice combining performance art, installation and videography.Her work playfully highlights forgotten mythologies, the subtle interstice between memory and alienation, the thin line between History and family stories, the oscillation between afrofuturism and afropessism.
Her work has been exhibited and performed in Centre Pompidou, Cartier Foundation, Lafayette Anticipations (Paris), Les Urbaines (Switzerland), Auto Italia South East, Tramway (United Kingdom), Ars Electronica (Austria) and more..

Composer : Christelle Oyiri

CEM - Against the looking glass ft. Kewin Bo

The intention with this track was to create a toxically positive mantra with kewin bo repeating "i am amazing" countless times on the stairs of a gallery while fleeing a hyper social environment.

Launching to prominence out of Herrensauna’s infamous underground parties, CEM has forged a singular path as a fierce club DJ unafraid of turning the dancefloor moody.CEM’s unique brand of emotive hysteria was forged in Herrensauna’s hedonistic Berlin furnace in the last few years, and as one of the party’s three core members, he has been at the heart of the operations since its inception. With the party attracting more and more attention for its critical contribution to Berlin’s queer community, as well as their raw italo-metal aesthetic, the opportunity came to move into Tresor, where it has cemented its place as a unique addition to Berlin’s nocturnal topography. CEM’s role in all this is twofold—firstly, as curator of the party’s unique mix of frenetic DJs and industrial-edged live performances; and secondly, as one of the resident DJs. The sheer pace of Herrensauna’s preferred grade of techno is offset by his enigmatic presence and selection. It’s a crucial edge of the party, and it’s rightfully brought CEM to the world’s attention.With a preference for UK-tweaked tracks from across the contemporary milieu of harder club works, nor with a fear of breakbeats or sullen moments, he’s a rare species of DJ that seeds intensity in even the most hesitant of movers. And with a background in queer club culture going back a decade to his hometown of Vienna—side-by-side with a punk upbringing—CEM’s well versed in the essential metrics of unrelenting after-dark commotion.

Fuck U Pay US - Board Up

Fuck U Pay Us is a Tongva-based, Black, Queer, Trans, Femme, Punk band demanding reparations now. Their music is experimental, unapologetic, and genre-bending. Raw, perceptive, responsive, and urgent. “This is about real people who are experiencing oppression, putting that to music” -disabled guitarist, vocalist and founding member, Uhuru Moor.
FUPU is led by vocalist, composer, fiber-artist, and art director Jasmine Nyende; creator, musician, interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and professional dominant Uhuru Moor; multi-instrumentalist, composer, and transdisciplinary artist Tianna Nicole; and blues, folk, punk musician, composer and community organizer, Sunny War.

Fuck U Pay Us has been featured in Hanif Abdurraqib’s book A Little Devil in America: In Praise of Black Performance, as well as in Vogue Italia, Dazed Magazine, i-D Magazine, Cultured, NYLON, LA Weekly, among others.

“Unapologetically raw, extremely perceptive, and well-versed in intersectional ideology (obviously), FUPU is probably the group best equipped to push the conversation forward...Their music flips off male-dominated power structures most of us operate under — and with their popularity spreading like wildfire right now, FUPU are a vital antidote to patriarchy blues” - Sandra Song for NYLON Magazine

Emma DJ - Ill Rooster

Since the start of 2019, Parisian-based Emma DJ has been building a rapidly growing catalogue of releases with 3 albums on cassette tapes as well as upcoming releases on imprints like Collapsing Market, L.I.E.S and BFDM to name a few.A remarkable output from the Finnish native who’s been quietly forging an aesthetic of his own following a decade in electronic music across all corners of the industry.His productions display a clear penchant for harder, grittier and ever indescribable sounds, translating directly into his DJ sets.In addition to his growing touring schedule, Emma DJ has been running the Fusion mes Couilles parties for the past 3 years. The infamous underground events have made an important impact beyond the comical appeal of its name through subtle curation and a fresh approach to club culture, gaining him and the rest of his collective a singular reputation across the Parisian scene.

Isabel Lewis - Deep Feelings

"Deep Feelings" was made as an exercise in comic relief when I was helplessly ambivalent about a situation in my life.
If you are going to try to listen to your gut on taking a decision you better make sure your intestinal flora are in a healthy state.

Isabel Lewis (Berlin, born 1981, Santo Domingo, DR) Trained in literary criticism, dance, and philosophy, Isabel Lewis’ work takes on many different formats: from lecture-performances and workshops to listening sessions, parties ( such as Bodysnatch), gardens, and what she calls “hosted occasions.” She has created works around open source technology and dance improvisation, social dances as cultural storage systems, collaborative choreographic formats, future bodily techniques, and rapping as embodied speech acts. Her live art works have been presented contexts of contemporary art, music, dance, and theater by Kunsthalle Zürich (2020), Sharjah Biennial (2019), Roskilde Festival (2019), Berliner Festspiele-Gropius Bau (2018), Tate Modern (2017), Steirischer Herbst (2017), Ming Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai (2016), and Tanz Im August (2015) among others.

La Chatte -  Idole

Idole" is an early and unreleased track of La Chatte. It exemplifies the method often adopted by the band: improvisation and live recording during a home music session, without prior composition or writing. This track, recorded in 2004, was mainly performed and always modified during live performances. The text reads: "Idol, dear Idol, I think only of you, I plant you in my heart. Idol, dear Idol, in you we trust, in you we plant our pencil..."
CREDITS: « Idole »Vava Dudu / Stephane Argillet Stereovoid / Nicolas Jorio
La Chatte was born in 2003 from the encounter in Paris of stylist and artist Vava Dudu with musician and artist Stéphane Argillet (aka Stereovoid), soon joined by guitarist Nicolas Jorio (aka Nikolu). Led by Vava Dudu's spectacular voice and whimsical outfits, Stereovoid's (also a member of the synth wave duo Peine Perdue) cold and sharp synths and Nikolu's hypnotic guitar riffs, the trio fervently performs animal art punk shows, somewhere between expressionist cabaret and hallucinated new wave kabbalah. Very quickly, the group imposed its musical and artistic performances on stages in France, Europe, and up to Moscow and Tokyo. After a first eponymous opus released in 2003, they released a single and two albums: " cosmique cosmétique " on Born Bad Records, and the albums " Bastet " and " Crash Ocean "on Tsunami Addiction label. Their new album "Ouais! ", finalized during a residency at the Confort Moderne Art Center, was released in spring 2021 on Objetrouvé label. In parallel to their musical collaboration, each of the members pursues their own artistic activities. Vava Dudu mixes fashion and drawings through spectacular sculpture/outfits, Nicolas Jorio composes for theater and art projects, Stephane Argillet was a founding member of the conceptual artists group France Fiction and has now founded his own label, Objetrouvé, mixing art and music through the creation of « art object-records ». For the release of the album « Ouais! », each member of La Chatte created their own object-records alongside the standard vinyl edition of the album:

Caroline Lêtho, SYM -  Solução Acid

Caroline Lethô is a young artist with an old-school heart and a true raver's spirit with the passion for wild dancefloors.Sym is a true raver, born in the free party scene in France with a love for guiding dancers into his machine made spaceship.

Jtamul - Hold

Hold is ‘A fun and erotic call to the nature

Written and mixed by: Jtamul.

Jtamul grew up in Artvin, a rural city in the northeastern part of Turkey. They were exposed to local folk dance music in their early ages through their family and got into IDM and electronica in their teens. After moving to Istanbul to study Linguistics, they became a part of the local queer art scene. Their debut EP ‘Lubuni’ was released on Objects Limited, a sub-label of the Planet Mu, which garnered well-received features from FACT, Tiny Mix Tapes, and The Quietus at the end of the year list of 2019, is inspired by local queer dialect called ‘Lubunca’. Personal reflections of linguistic approaches and the solitudes of being in natural and cultural surroundings with pop sensibilities is a common theme in their debut. In 2020, they released another EP named ‘Paramparça’ which combines elements of IDM, breakbeat, and Turkish Pop music. Nowadays, they are working on their debut LP aiming to explore further fields of pop music.

LABOUR - Kewin’s dance (4_4 remix)

Written and produced by LABOUR (Colin Hacklander and Farahnaz Hatam)
Based on the LABOUR music that graced the halls of Gropius Bau, Kunsthalle Zürich and Callie’s with Isabel Lewis between 2019-20 in conspiration with the solo dancer Kevin Bonono, this brief reimagining attempts playful harnessing of the formerly non-grid-time sonic world, here now against a 4/4 grid.

LABOUR is the Berlin-based sonic entity led by Farahnaz Hatam and Colin Hacklander.  Their practice explores perception and social situations through digital sound synthesis, algorithmic composition, percussion, psychoacoustics, and sound for architectural spaces while fostering a heightened sensory awareness for the listener by promoting active listening, and recognising that acoustic space approaches one externally, yet remains primarily an internal space.
The name LABOUR is inspired in part by an early definition of Marx that gives ontological significance to the realm of work, as articulated by the philosopher Christopher J. Arthurs, defining labour as “the ontologically fundamental productive activity in and through which one becomes what one is.”

LABOUR’s efforts are focused in both fine arts and concerts, with an interest in expanded formats.  Their long-term collaborators include the artists Evelyn Bencicova, Enes Güç, Zeynep Schilling and Isabel Lewis.

Colin Hacklander, born 1986 in Minneapolis, USA; lives and works in Berlin.

Farahnaz Hatam, born 1967 in Tehran, Iran; lives and works in Berlin.

LABOUR is the collaborative project of Farahnaz Hatam and Colin Hacklander, whose compositions and performances center the transformative potential of sound. Trained in molecular biology, Hatam  works primarily with SuperCollider, a complex platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition that is a language unto itself. Colin Hacklander is a percussionist, drummer and composer, with a background in post-tonal theory and electronic music. Together, LABOUR compose ambitious and reverently experimental audioworks. Their practice promotes active listening and a heightened sensory awareness

Casual Melancholia - Spring

Vivaldi's Spring Adagio was recorded and resequenced by Casual Melancholia.

"Spring" is a rework of famous Vivaldi's second movement Largo, built as a remix through a sequencer and directly recorded on tape. The idea was to emulate the electronic practice of sampling through a classical piece. It's also a reflection on decay through tape repetition that causes the disparition of sound and questions our relation to music consumption, inalterability of contemporary numerical music supports, blockchain, and NFTs.  

Casual Melancholia is a Swiss Composer based in Paris, his work is focused on exploring the classical barocal heritage through contemporary music technologies, AI, Deep Learning,  AnalogSynths and Sequencing; blending them with a symphonic orchestra and grand piano. He composed several Movies that will show on Netflix and Mubi this year:  "Last Dance" by Coline Abert "Silverstar" by Ruben Amar, "Avant Tim" by Alexis Diop.

João Pimenta Gomes - Doppelgänger (with Carminho and Harry Partch)

I started recording Doppelgänger (with Carminho and Harry Partch) in November 2019 at the Wyndham Hotel in New York during the first days of Carminho’s tour. The vocals and final take were recorded in the hotel room on 1–4 November.  

Every sound was created by Carminho singing the Harry Partch scale note by note using different “articulations” (aaaahs, taaaaas, eeeehs, etc.). I broke all of the notes down individually and it left me with a kit of one-shots that I used for this piece.

For the recording, I connected the modular synthesiser directly to the Portastudio and created the master in mono. It was important to do only a few takes, as at the time I wanted to capture the energy and spirit of recordings from the 50s and 60s, which I always imagined came from the fact that musicians then only had the chance to do one or two takes.

I was studying the work of the producer Joe Meek and I was really inspired by the idea of the recording studio as an instrument. My Eurorack setup explored this relationship between re-amping ideas, axis and off axis recording and how to translate and apply these techniques through the synthesiser, exploring volume as the starting point to modulate the timbre of the sounds and my spatial perception of stereo in terms of proximity and distance. I think recording music quickly is what most enhances it, what really brings it alive. I made some basic musical scores, something I could memorise after a few rehearsals, to use as a guide. The idea of drone music doesn’t really interest me. What I look for is an evasive sound – something wild that’s hard to tame. Before these recordings, I had rarely done a take where I felt I had influenced the sound rather than just satisfying a preconceived idea about structure or energy.  

It was also important to follow this constant flow of energy from start to finish, as the modulations move from within the music outwards; to try to ignore my thoughts and to let the body respond to the sound in the aim of capturing that moment. I didn’t do an overdub and the mixing took place in the days after the recording.

My relationship with the synthesiser is chiefly about sound processing rather than creation. I feel it’s the natural extension of my work as a music producer, something I explore when I record a band in a particular space, as that space between the musicians mutates and is transformed by the collision and accumulation of sound waves in a room. It is the process of sound in its entirety and not as a relationship between the execution and the result. I’ve always thought it was really important that everything – instruments, people, speakers, signal path, atmosphere, microphones and tape recorder – should have the same importance and that managing these elements in a song should be a dynamic process.

João Pimenta Gomes, born in 1989, is a visual artist and musician based in Lisbon. In 2009, he enrolled in the Sound and Music Production course at Restart – Institute of Creativity, Arts and New Technologies, and, later, in the Drawing and Photography course at Ar.Co – Centre for Art and Visual Communication. Among his many exhibitions, we highlight Trabalho de Inverno (with Pedro Tropa and Teresa Santos), Quadrado Azul Gallery, Lisbon (2021); A Vida Secreta das Plantas (Collective show curated by Filipa Oliveira), Casa da Cerca, Almada (2021); Micro Ressonâncias, Appleton Box, Lisbon (2020); A Ilha de Calipso (with Pedro Tropa and Teresa Santos), Appleton Garagem, Lisbon (2020); and the sound piece Canto, in partnership with the artist Marilá Dardot, which formed part of the exhibition Interdito, at Filomena Soares Gallery, Lisbon (2017).

No Bra - The Cult of Hierarchy

No Bra aka Susanne Oberbeck started performing in London in 2003 and is currently based in New York City. No Bra has released 3 full length albums, numerous singles and collaborative projects.
No Bra’s confrontational yet vulnerable, explicit performances navigate an unpredictable space between social satire and post gender fantasy.
No Bra had an underground hit with the song "Munchausen" and has collaborated with Mykki Blanco, the Raincoats, Bruce LaBruce, Slava Mogutin, Abdu Ali and Wolfgang Tillmans, performed original songs for the Vivienne Westwood FW’20 show in Paris, and most recently is featured on Venezuelan artist Arca’s album Kick iiii.   
No Bra has performed at the Tate Gallery, the Hayward Gallery, Centre Pompidou, the ICA London, Artists' Space NYC, Moma, Performa NYC, Sonic Acts Amsterdam, as well as numerous gig venues and clubs, repeatedly touring North America and Europe.
No Bra has been featured in Artforum, Frieze, Interview, Dazed, i-D magazine, Pitchfork, the Guardian, V magazine, Paper, the Wire, the Quietus, Noisey, Another Magazine, Dummy, Diva Magazine, NME, Girls Like Us, Les Inrockuptibles, Vice, Tank and more.

Parzubanil - 909 Love Story

‘909 Love Story’ is a meeting between 909 drum samples around a tarraxo pattern and the

Parzubanil is a 20 year-old DJ and producer from Lima, Peru. He’s focused on exploring contemporary afrolatinx rhythms and club music, roaming around alternative music, musical experimentation, afro and latinx hauntology, constantly exploring new sounds from a futuristic key.

He's also the founder and runner of the peruvian label ‘Sacrilejio Records’.

Artist: Parzubanil
Name’s composer: Ivan Cotrina

Shcuro, Photonz - Free Block

Written and produced by Marco Rodrigues & João Ervedosa
How easy it is then to make the nostalgia-nourished legends and myths of their lost freedom.

Grillo - Voz

Grillo, Rio de Janeiro, BR 15/02/2001 - A young black man raised in a slum in the Baixada Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro) who always saw the best in the midst of all the difficulties he had in his childhood, and always recounts all his experiences in his notebooks. As the years went by, he realized that all that experience could be transformed into poetry, always with the aim of helping others and passing on knowledge to the young people in his area.

BABYNYMPH - Trauma Pop II ft. Diana Starshine

With a sound that screams hyper-femininity, while twisting in an ironically exaggerated masculinity, BABYNYMPH’s music boasts a range of references from a deconstructed club with complex sound design to Ibiza summer hits, slutty pop, and SoundCloud rap
Drawing predominantly from trans-feminine influences and online culture, as well as their close friends who make up the erupting party scene around them; BABYNYMPH is carving out a hyper-augmented, meticulously engineered, pornopop landscape of sound with each new release.

Exotourisme - Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Julien Peres - Sinking Backstage

Exotourisme - a musical project by the artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and the musician and performer Perez, an artistic collaboration that began in 2017, inspired by the film Blade Runner and the French Cold Wave of the 1980s.

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
An experimental artist based in Paris, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster has, since 1990, been exploring the different modalities of sensory and cognitive relationships between bodies and spaces, real or fictitious, up to the point of questioning the distance between organic and inorganic life . Metabolising literary and cinematographic, architectural, and musical, scientific and pop references, Gonzalez-Foerster creates “chambres” and “interiors”, “gardens”, “attractions” and “planets”, with respect to the multiple meanings that these terms take on in the works of Virginia Woolf or Nathaniel Hawthorne, the Brontë sisters or Thomas Pynchon, Joanna Russ or Philip K. Dick. This investigation of spaces extends to a questioning of the implicit neutrality of practices and exhibition spaces. Her “mises en espace”, “anticipations” and “apparitions” seek to invade the sensory domain of the viewers in order to operate intentional changes in their memory and imagination. Haunted by history and future, Gonzalez-Foerster’s works become containers where the artist incubates a form of subjectivity that does not yet exist. Through multiple international exhibitions, short films, productions, and concerts, Gonzalez-Foerster’s mutant work contributes to the invention of new technologies of consciousness.
Paul B. Preciado

Since 2013, Perez has composed a French-style pop music infused with electronic music and inspirations taken from New Wave, R&B, the House of Chicago, and the New York experimentations of Laurie Anderson, Panda Bear, and Suicide. Whether he is collaborating with Strip Steve or Mathilde Fernandez, being remixed by Chloé, Arnaud Robotini, or Pilooski, or himself remixing Bagarre or Lizzy Mercier Descloux, his productions weave together an intimate sense of pop with a disquieting strangeness and an unbridled dance music.
With his singular voice within the French musical landscape, as one can hear on albums and EPs released by DIRTY (Cramer, 2013), Barclay (Saltos, 2015), and his own label Etoile Distante (Cavernes, 2018, and SUREX, 2020), Perez oscillates between naturalism and a sombre surrealism. Open to all disciplines, his practice has involved visual arts in his performances and installations (Opéra Garnier in 2016, Palais de Tokyo in 2017, FRAC Île-de-France in 2018, and Lafayette Anticipations in 2021). He often collaborates with artists such as Saâdane Afif, Ange Leccia, and Flora Moscovici. In April 2022, Perez will open his first exhibition as a visual artist at the Onde de Vélizy Arts Centre, together with artist Elisa Pône.


Bruno Mendonça, Gerzender - Don’t Cry for me Brasilia

"Don't Cry for Me Brasilia"  plays on the 1978 song "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" created by Tim Rice for Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Evita which was later performed by Madonna in 1996 for the film version of the musical. "Don't Cry for Me Brasilia" is a response to the current social, political and economic moment, mainly in Brazilian but also worldwide. The song deals with issues such as the rise of the ultra-right in recent years, especially in Brazil with the government of Jair Messias Bolsonaro, notions of post-truth, dystopia, atopia and utopia, body, language, etc. Bruno Mendonça and Gezender have been working together for a few years developing sound pieces that are on the borderline between sound art and experimental music. In their creations, spoken word is a constant performance typology, articulated as a kind of manifesto.

Focused in the acid moods of electronic music, Gezender flirts with techno, house, and electro with fluidity and naturalness through a repertoire that is not limited to a single genre. Their music has a strong personality and is marked by the influence of the early days of electronic culture, mixed with research based on contemporary music. With marked bases and fluid pads, contemplation and tension merge in their productions, providing a mixture of sensations. For five years, they have produced the party Sangra Muta, which hosted relevant names from the Brazilian and international scene, with editions in São Paulo, Florianópolis and Rio de Janeiro. The artist lives in São Paulo, where they are part of the collective of artists Mamba Negra. With a career spanning six years, they have played in clubs in all regions of Brazil. In May 2016, they released their first EP, Spiritual Flesh, through the Berlin label Neurom Records. In September 2017, in partnership with Moebiius, they released their second EP, OM, through DJ Hell's iconic label Gigolo Records. The EP features a remix by L_cio and the release was supported by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Marcel Dettmann, Mano Le Tough, Phil Kieran, Agoria, Digitaria and many other artists. In July 2018, the artist releases their third EP, Tantra, also on Neurom Records, which features two originals and three remixes: Black Roof, Tessuto and Blancah. In 2019, Gezender toured Europe twice and played at Trans Musicales (Rennes), Monster Queen (London), Pornceptual (Berlin), Trashera (Berlin), Cuir (Madrid), Kaiku (Helsinki), Lab Dance / Saule (Berlin) ), Le Station (Paris), Quantica Online (Lisbon), Threads Radio (London), Red Light Radio (Amsterdam) and Rinse FM (Paris) among others. In 2021, the artist releases their fourth EP, Corpo, by MambaREC and with the participation of Linn da Quebrada and Bruno Mendonça.

Bruno Mendonça
Bruno Mendonça is an artist and researcher. Through performances, sound pieces, publications and projects - often collaborative - discusses and problematizes not only gender and sexuality, but also cultural, political and economic issues. Using a variety of devices, text is the guiding language of their work. The artist creates a kind of narrative, discursive and dialogical network, complexifying the relationship between performance and performativity. Their works have been presented in several exhibitions, festivals and events in Brazil and abroad. They are also a collaborator of the avaf platform - assume vivid astro focus organized by the artist Eli Sudbrack. Internationally they have presented works at Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Forecast Festival (Berlin), Radio Art Zone Festival (Esch), WebSYNradio (France), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo), Printed Matter Art Book Fair (New York), Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tormenta Medellin (Medellin/Colombia), No Lugar - Arte Contemporáneo (Quito/Ecuador) and also collaborated with the long term project Queer City promoted by Musagetes Foundation (Canada), just to name a few.

Richie Culver - Create a lifestyle around your problems

Born in Hull in the North of England into a working-class family, Culver was not exposed to art growing up and left school with no qualifications to work in a factory making caravans. His practice encompasses diverse elements that range from painting, sculpture and photography to digital performance. Within this, Culver’s work is largely biographical wrestling with aspects of contemporary masculinity, the class system and the digital lens through which we live our lives.

A large proportion of Culver’s practice lies in his antagonistic relationship with technology, the ultimate impermanence of social media and the effects upon human interaction and linguistics, alongside personal and cultural memory. In this regard, much of the material for Culver’s works are formed from images collected on his phone including mundane mobile photography, google translate and notes apps screenshots containing excerpts of conversations, phrases and information.

These screenshots are then blown up and printed on canvas, ultimately forming a visual record of an inner monologue that is fractured and at times disconnected. For example, short phrases translated into different languages and obscured by overpainting creates a visual metaphor for the quick ease at which these digital innovations create a superficial human connection that is ultimately alienated from true apperception.
Text by Abby Mckenzie
Participant records in London.

Yesh ft. Maria - Holy Ghost

This song is dedicated to those adrift time, whose voices remain unheard, whose faces remain unseen.
Holy Ghost  - Yesh feat. MariaWritten by Yesh, produced and mixed by MariaArt Work by Mathilde Agius

YESH is a tibetan singer / performing artist born and raised in Switzerland, based in New York City. In 2020 she released her debut EP hours 2147 with Pique Projects. Her latest work 49 days - a dance theater piece created together with the collective xenometok - premiered in early 2022 at the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee in Zürich. YESH recently performed at Le Consulat in Paris, at Zentralwäscherei Zürich and at the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC.

Maria (Tobias Koch) is composer and sound artist working across music production, performance, visual arts and film. He previously scored works presented at MoMA New York, documenta 14, Frieze Art Fair, Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, and his sound design and music compositions were featured in several award winning films presented at Film Festival Cannes, Berlinale Int. Filmfestival, Locarno Film Festival and others.

Kübra Uzun, Çiçek Çocuk - 02127777272

02127777272 is the reimagining of 02167777272 from ÇÇ001. Where we hear Kübra Uzun’s WhatsApp audio messages about queer life in Istanbul and their support on Çiçek Çocuk’s mental health issues for the time period.

Songwriter(s): Kübra Uzun, Çiçek Çocuk Producer: Çiçek Çocuk
Mix: Can Kuman
Mastering: Barış Ergün

Director(s): Alper Yıldırım & İpek Çınar DOP: İlkin Eskipehlivan
Producer(s): Çiçek Çocuk, Alper Yıldırım & İpek Çınar Styling: Antre Sex Make-Up: Tusidi
Special thanks to Pera Museum, Hypercortex UK, Bengisu Öten, Kübra Sarıkaya, Yasemin Köker and Jilet Sebahat

Çiçek Çocuk
Çiçek Çocuk is a Istanbul based producer, songwriter, performance artist and DJ. Their first LP record ÇÇ001 is a hyper-electronic theatrical pop experiment, lyrically questioning the enquiries of modern queer youth in Istanbul. They’ve also produced tracks and remixes for artists such as Kübra Uzun, Ceytengri, Elz and the Cult, Debonair Detsuki. They have previously performed on Pera Museum, a queer performance series based in Barcelona ‘Uñas y dientes’, Who’s in a Bunker? by Hood Base and Red Bull Music festivals and such.

Kübra Uzun
 İstanbul-based singer, songwriter and DJ, Kübra Uzun is a queer activist, working as in Turkey and also on international basis of various platforms.

Eleonora Meoni, Ninon Liotet, Simon Oliver, Steev Lemercier - HOCA

Steev Lemercier
Steev Lemercier is a French-Sicilian multimedia artist moving between performance art, music production, and Deejaying.

His subjects deal with the human condition; the most basic emotions, sexuality, and gender identity, addressing sensibilities & fantasies in the contemporary political landscapes.

Eleonora Meoni 

b.1978, Italy - The absence of CV is Mrs. Meoni’s artist statement.

Ninon Liotet
Ninon Liotet_(Bordeaux, 1975) is a French artist, filmmaker and film editor, who lives and works in Berlin since 1996, with a background in experimental video art.
Ninon Liotet (*1972 in Bordeaux, FR) is an artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Berlin since 1996.
With a background in experimental video art, Liotets expertise spans through different aspects of filmmaking, such as TV productions, multichannel installations, experimental film editing and theater plays: in her practice, the artist explores the possibilities of video at the interface of art and popular culture.
Her work was displayed internationally in venues such as the Rotterdam Film Festival, NL (1998), Kurztage Oberhausen, DE (1996, 1999), Shedhalle, Zurich, CH (2001, 2003), as well as on Canal+, ARTE and ZDF.
Since the project „Feature Film“ in 1999, she has been collaborating with the artist Douglas Gordon as creative assistant and film editor.

Carminho - Meu amor Marinheiro (live at Namouche Studios 2022)

“Meu amor marinheiro” is a fado that is part of my whole career.I  recorded it on my first album "Fado" and I have always sung it, all over the world, even on other albums' tours.Thus, the interpretation has matured, accompanying my growth as an artist and my transformations.

On the last album "Maria", I went through a long and profound thought about the traditional fado and the contours of its language. In regression to the past, I tried to remember, sitting in pajamas on my father's lap, listening to my mother singing, what and what emotions those nights awoke in me.It was in this exact search for the emotion of the live experience in the fado houses that, I allowed myself to be accompanied by pedal steel to fill the spaces - between the environment and the voice, those, that are not heard but felt in each sung fado.From that moment on, "O meu amor marinheiro" has been experienced live hundreds of times, but only now recorded in the studio, in a live take.
Carminho is the great voice of fado and one of the most international Portuguese artists.  

Carminho was born among the guitars and voices of fado, daughter of the renowned fado singer Teresa Siqueira, she began singing in public at the age of twelve in the Coliseum. Fado was always so present that she never thought it could be her occupation. During college Carminho sang in Fado clubs and received several proposals to record, but she decided to wait. She graduated in Marketing and Advertising and realized that singing required a maturity that she did not have yet.

Carminho traveled for a year, participated in humanitarian missions and returned to Lisbon determined to give herself entirely to an artistic journey.

"Fado," her first album, was released in 2009, which became one of the most acclaimed albums of the year and decade. It achieved platinum - an enviable result for a debut album - and opened the hearts of Portugal to her voice, and the doors of the world to her talent: in 2011 “Fado” was considered best album for the British magazine "Songlines", Carminho performed in the main European capitals, also at the Womex 2011 in Copenhagen and at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO as part of the Fado application for world heritage.

In the same year, she collaborates with Pablo Alborán in "Perdoname" and becomes the first Portuguese artist to reach number 1 of the Spanish top. In 2012, the second album, "ALMA", debuted in the first place of sales in Portugal and reaches prominent positions in several international tops. After performing in the main venues of Europe and around the World in countries like Finland, Sweden, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, China, India, Latvia, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, Poland, France, Austria, Denmark, among many others, she also performs in Brazil and her dreams of recording with Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque and Nana Caymmi came true, resulting in a reissue of "Alma" with three new songs. Carminho thus begins to conquer Brazil, with sold out concerts in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and a bit throughout the country.  

In 2013, Carminho affirmed herself as one of the most international Portuguese artists, taking her voice to the four corners of the world, at the same time that she is distinguished in Portugal with a Golden Globe and the Prize Carlos Paredes, seeing both albums reach the double platinum award.  

At the end of 2014, "Canto" is released, and her relationship with Brazil takes on even deeper roots, with Caetano Veloso's first partnership with his younger son Tom, who offered her the unpublished "O Sol, Eu e Tu". "Canto" also includes the duet with Marisa Monte and special guest appearances by Jaques Morelenbaum, António Serrano, Carlinhos Brown, Javier Limón, Naná Vasconcelos, Dadi Carvalho, Jorge Hélder and Lula Galvão.  

In 2016, following an invitation by the family of one of the greatest composers in the world, she recorded "Carminho Canta Tom Jobim" with the last band that accompanied him live in his last ten years, and sharing songs with Marisa Monte, Chico Buarque and Maria Bethânia.  
After the great success with the album "Carminho Canta Jobim", the Portuguese singer - considered one of the greatest performers in the history of Portuguese music - returns with a new album of originals - "Maria", the fifth of her career and the most personal one. Its title is her given first name and a name in Portugal that's both traditional and a popular choice among contemporary young parents, as fado is both part of a tradition and belongs to today's world. Carminho, who wrote many of the lyrics and songs and produced the record herself, for the first time, considers it a dialogue between herself and two fado singers who blazed a trail for her: Beatriz da Conceição and Teresa Siqueira (her mother). London Jazz News calls it "a beautifully realized, remarkably varied yet uniformly gorgeous album."
The fifth album “Maria” was released in 2018 and it was her debut as a producer,not only a gateway into Carminho’s most private world but also the title for her most personal record so far.Maria is that record where Carminho catches up with her life and claims with a greater voice the woman she is today – for others, but most of all for herself."Maria" was due in the US via Nonesuch Records followed by a tour on the US and Canada in the most prestigious stages, followed by a worldwide tour with more than 120 concerts.The concert was higly referenced due to the strong visual aesthetic.
Recently Carminho had the striking and exclusive invitation to sing with CaetanoVeloso on the last album “Meu Coco”, on the song “Você-Você”. Caetano says this song was inspired in Carminho and in their long discussions about the Portuguese language.
Her journey in its entirety has revealed Carminho as an artist of firm and thoughtful decisions, who never forgets her origins, who carries in herself a language of several centuries, but which is present in her generation, with her eyes on the world and in the future.It was worth the wait.

Sign Libra - Fern Flower

Composed by Agata Melnikov
The fern flower is a magic flower, found in Baltic and Slavic mythologies. According to the myth, the fern flower blooms for a very short time on the eve of the summer solstice, glowing brightly in the dark. It is closely guarded by evil spirits and thus hard to obtain. Its picker can have earthly riches, and, in some tales, it allows even animal speech understanding. The fern flower is sometimes perceived also a symbol of fertility.

Sign Libra is a moniker of a Latvian composer and artist Agata Melnikova. Having certain knowledge in classical music studies and appreciation of diverse music styles, Melnikova turned to her love of ethereal synth sounds and new-age harmonies for inner self-expression and vision of things. Her debut mini-album ‘Closer to the Equator (Antinote, 2018), was inspired by nature documentary TV series about tropical rainforest microcosm and composed for a contemporary ballet performance. Sign Libra’s full-length record ‘Sea to Sea’ for RVNG Intl. (2020) artistically explores the lunar maria – the ancient volcanic formations on the surface of the Moon thought to be actual seas by early astronomers. Combining informative research with child-like imagination, Sign Libra’s work approaches man’s relationship with nature with a delicate sense of humour and playfulness.

Paid to Practice - Eric D. Clark, Eleni Polou-Smith - Humans being Humans

Eric D. Clark

“Before ‘vinyl only’ became a distinction, before using a Roland 303 bassline ‘incorrectly’ was da s–t!, even before most of today’s clubbers were yet to be born; Eric D. Clark was there in full effect. In parallel to the track From Disco to Disco traveling the world, Eric has pieced together a music legacy from classical to house, with the click of a mouse, soon spanning four decades. You never know what you will get when Eric is at the helm, his sets span multiple genres incorporating his unique live vocal style plus on occasion live keyboards over the tracks.”

From Disco to Disco, from piano to electro and more: Eric D. Clark started his DJ career 40 years ago. From Sunday church performances in California at the age of 10 as a classical and gospel piano prodigy to disco and electronica keyboard mastering, Eric trained his ears and hands until 1981 when he finally claimed his place behind turntables and took up residencies in San Francisco’s most famous clubs including The Underground, Das Klub and The End Up.

Six years later, Eric integrated the Parisian night life and played in an eclectic array of venues: galleries, straight and gay clubs, as well as early soul, break-beat, and jungle raves…  By the early 90’s he started to regularly visit Germany on the look-out for new “underground” dance music. Soon his Whirlpool Productions trio (with Justus Köhncke & Hans Nieswandt) was born and took the European scene by storm, especially Italy, with hits such as The Cold Song and From Disco to Disco. Eric then began to explore other opportunities with solo releases including Fur Dancefloor on Ladomat and collaborated with numerous musicians including: Mandel Turner, Tyree Cooper, Army of Lovers, Tiefschwarz, The Aikiu, Chicks on Speed, Angie Reed, Chaka Khan, TLC…

In 2007 after releasing E=dC² on Firm Recordings, Eric unexpectedly became a professor, teaching at The Stædel School for Visual Arts in Frankfurt alongside writing for Spex. 2014 marked Eric’s debut as a curator, as he set-up the exhibition Vinyl never died in Oslo’s Demons Mouth gallery. Moreover, he recently opened UPSTAIRS at €RiX’ in Berlin, a private gallery in his studio, he is also producing an E.D.C. column for Starship Magazine, and the introduction to the screening of Sun Ra’s Space is the Place. In 2019 Eric was a judge at the 65th International Film Festival in Oberhausen where he won an award for best music video in 2015, as well as a highlight speaker at MI (Musicians Institute) in LA, MW:M19 and at CTM‘s Hacklab in 2020 among other events and institutes. Eric is also involved with fashion as a stylist and with fashion labels campaign scoring for Fila, Chanel, Moncler, and Louboutin.

Eric D. Clark has played in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA in venues such as Panoramabar (live) & Ostgut, Tresor, E-Werk, Maria, Weekend, Echoplex, Ace Hotel, Soho House, several celeb events including Frieze Magazine launch, MTV Beach Party in Uruguay and Audiotool & Adobe events in LA, other majors events such as Italian and German Biennales, MELT, the Berlin and LA Gay Prides, along with recent residencies at Arkaoda, Suicide Club, and Kit Kat Club in Berlin.

At the moment, Eric juggles DJ residencies in Germany and Croatia, managing his main label Subcurrent, playing gigs around Europe and the USA, lending his vocal expertise and remixing score of dance tracks and designing EP covers. His newest releases include Bored with Stefan Braatz on Poker Flat Recordings (supported by Richie Hawtin, Ame, and Joris Voorn), Daylight with Mouse on Mars plus a few live shows including at the Elbe Philharmonie and for the 10 years of Arte Concerts, and remixes of Walks by Doc Martin and Robot Love by Chicks on Speed, among many more. To finish up 2019, read Eric’s body of work review on the Musique Journal, and from 2020 to 2022 you can review multiple versatile releases from Eric: a new EP on Shattuck Records, a collaboration with Hans Nieswandt on Foot Job Records, with Lee “Scratch” Perry, with Fulu Miziki, a new LP project with a classical orchestra… some of these releases on his new label Fardel and some on a label to come to life later this year.

Eleni Poulou
My name is Eleni Poulou and I have been making music for 30 years with different musicians in various music formats, including The Fall, Lee Scratch Perry, Shizuo, currently with NOHE NOSHE, Kaffe Mathews, The Caretaker/James Leyland Kirby, Zsolt Sores, Hilary Jeffery, Wolfgang Seidel, Burkhard Beins, Moon Gear, Andre Vida, Recycling Plastic Inevitable, and many other friends and colleagues. I have several monthly radio shows at Cashmere Radio and Movement Athens, among others, and also do regular guest shows. Abitur 1992, University of Cologne, from 1994 Humboldt University Berlin: Musicology (F.Kittler), TU Berlin. Played electronic organ from 1979, piano from 1984 and since 1988 analogue synthesizer like the Korg MS20, which I bought from my school friend's little brother for 30 marks. Had my first own radio show with Doc Schoko from 1990 on WDR Lokalfunk. In Cologne then many concerts and projects, live music/video art Lothar Hempel (Galerie Buchholz, art Cologne 1994), Jan Werner, Shizuo. Since 1994 in Berlin member of the Honey Suckle Company, with founding member Petr Stef Kišur I also have the music project NOHE NOSHE, we played in the last 3 years at the ICA London, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Albertinum Dresden, Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2021 with 3 137 artist run space/Goethe Institut Athens FIN, for Christian Dior the music and video for cruise Collection 22. 1990s organiser:in: Ex Kreuz Club, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Volksbühne.

︎︎︎︎ 02 Music Videos’  Preview

Cover Artwork: Franco Mazzucchelli, Bieca Decorazione, 2004, PVC, air, wood frame, 60 × 60 × 15 cm, Photo by Trevor Lloyd, Courtesy of the Artist and ChertLüdde.