The Paradox of alienation and estrangement.

The Paradox of space and time.

The Paradox of Eros & Death.

The Paradox of identity.

The Paradox of a lie so sincere it becomes a truth untold.

The Paradox of the malleable grid in between reality and fiction.

The Paradox of all questions unanswered, riddles unsolved, of all the lovers of all the parallel dimensions never encountered.

Verfremdungseffekt, BEWILDERMENT.

Questions answered with questions posed.

The night that becomes the day that becomes the day that becomes—the night.

Extra bodily, extra boldly, extra movements

A dream so vivid and lucid

The water by my side, pitch-black

A hint of light suffused above me

Icy pavement, the lines of marble

Resting again my body

Sharply pressing against them limbs

Feeling cold, feeling fine, feeling alive

Feeling I’m gonna die

Feeling I’m gonna die if you leave me

On the pavement

The gesture of being reborn

Just to push you as further as I can

I want to see you die

I want to see you dye

In the haze of the late morning light

From catharsis comes creation

La solution est dehors de la bourgeoise ma cherie

La vie la vie

Live la vie


Destructive forces of dual nature

So close and yet so far

Like craziness

And evil, e il male

And lucid follies

seemingly dark is also seemingly light and they both make up and they both collide and unite

through wise wisdom and humility and fucking letting go

bowing to the energies


bowing to the enemies


love is a drug for self-medicament


collective love

universal cure


the courage to take action

and the action of having courage

and more and more

embrace the burden

dare to face

all tomorrow’s parties

again and again

the joy of the flesh

meat joy

sex joy

toy joy

play—with us—ou pas cheri


And what shall we do

if not

L’amour toujours

It is late night

and it is early morning

and we walk in the streets

golden gipsies


bare feet naked hands and backs

the day forgotten

time forgotten

a hint of hope

and oblivion

that all we have is enough

purely enough

true enough

strong enough

ripe is ripe and reif is ripe is ready

unfreezing our selves

from all dogmatic constructions

everythingness as a gesture

to survive the day in the day

when the Moon falls and the Sun takes its shift

shining onto the metal laminates of the city we embraced and loved like a mother

the dirt on the sidewalks, the trash, everything is illuminated

beneath your nails and sunglasses

sick sun

sick light



quite beautifully, a trace of orange lipstick

sparkling like willowleaf clementine zest

nature triumphant

raw concrete

fresh face on a cold pillow


rainbows overarching and stretching their slender trembling s