SP 02


In direct support to the developement of the work of Casa Branca de Luz and other active groups – RL joined forces and supported interestically their daily support to the most affected communities downtown SP.  


Through the generous support of some private donations, we were able to continue the work and aid. But the work isn’t yet done.

In order to evolve as a continuous effort, REIF released  and distributed to these different communities downtown SP with the support of partners such as Projeto Existimos and Casa Branca de Luz.

REIF Boost Booklet SP02 is a guide conceived by RL and by chef Leonor Manita containing low budget recipes and instructional techniques on how to prepare apportioned provisions without heat or a basic kitchen - these quick recipes are efficient immune boosting formulas. Alongside follow breathing and energetic support exercises developed by Casa Branca de Luz voluntaries to help one another boost as well their energetic defenses throughout the days we are currently living.

All the images in the booklet have been prior authorised to be published by all the individuals taking part.
The booklet in EN/PT is now available to download below - ready-to-print and mobile versions.

Feel free to share.
Continue to support ACT SP 02 through PayPal - raum@reif.life